Louisa County Flood Plain

Louisa County’s Floodplain Management Ordinance #6-4A was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on December 27, 1990. It enables property owners in a flood plain to get flood insurance. In 1991, Louisa County went from Emergency Program status to Regular Program status. We received flood plain maps that designated flood zones. The maps were done by the Rock Island Army Corps of Engineers for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Any A or AE zone designated as a 100 year flood plain is mainly the area of concern. Any dirt work or construction requires a Flood Plain Development Permit issued for $20 by the Louisa County Zoning Department. Failure to apply for and receive a permit will result in prosecution.

If work being done in the floodplain does not match paperwork filed on the project, Louisa County may be removed from the National Flood Insurance Program. Federal regulations require that anyone who lives in a 100 year flood plain and applies for a loan backed by the Federal Government must get flood insurance. If Louisa County is removed from the program, owners are ineligible to receive flood insurance and therefore unable to receive federally backed loans.

In the past, Louisa County has received money from FEMA for repair work following floods. With three major rivers located in the county, there are a lot of flood plains. Compliance with floodplain regulations is necessary to ensure that FEMA money will be available for Louisa County following flood disasters.

If you have question whether you are located in a flood plain, due to a river or stream, please inquire in this office. Construction and improvements within floodplains must meet certain criteria.

To see Flood Plain Ordinance Amended in 2015

To print Floodplain Development Application/Permit