Louisa County History

Louisa County was established on December 7, 1836. According to some authorities, the county was named for Louisa Massey, who gained fame during her time because she avenged the murder of her brother by shooting the man responsible. Other historians claim the name was given in honor of Louisa County, Virginia.

There are 418 square miles in Louisa County. In 1839, Wapello was named as the county seat, defeating several other towns for that honor.

The first courthouse was of cottonwood logs. In 1840, a second, one-story 40′ x 20′ brick courthouse was erected at a cost of $1,300. In 1854, a third courthouse, 60′ x 80′ was constructed at a cost of $9,577.69. Stone was used from a quarry located in the bluffs southwest of Wapello.

The present courthouse was erected in 1928, at a cost of $100,000.

Louisa County is bordered on the east by the Mississippi River, and the Cedar River joins the Iowa River at Columbus Junction. Lake Odessa, the Toolesboro Mounds, the swinging bridge and many county and state areas are just a few of the things to see when visiting Louisa County. To learn more about Louisa County, visit Naturally Louisa County.