Civil Service Fees

  • Setting a Sheriff Sale – $75.00
  • Sheriff Sale Cancellation – $50.00
  • Charges for General Executions – $61.50 and mileage
  • Charges for serving Subpoenas – $35.00 and mileage
  • Charges for service of Warrant – $35.00 and mileage
  • Charges for all other papers – $30.00 and mileage
  • Mileage rate is $0.655 per mile with a minimum of $2.00
Sex Offender Registry$25.00 per year
Sentenced Inmates$40.00 per day
Work Release$40.00 per day
Finger printing$20.00
In house records check$20.00
Permit to carry hand gun (new)$50.00
Permit to cary hand gun (renewal)$25.00
Permit to purchase gun$25.00
Driver’s license record$7.00
Copy of accident report$5.00
Miscellaneous copies$1.00 per page
Basic Firearms Class$40.00
Must have correct change for above fees