Louisa County Dust Control Policy

Louisa County residents electing to have a dust control product applied in front of their property should contact the vendor of their choice to sign up for application. Dust control will be at the resident’s cost.

Dust control applications should be accomplished during the final two weeks of May for the first application and between August 1st and September 1st for the second application. Application dates are subject to weather conditions. The County Engineer’s Office must be notified by the vendor prior to the application. The resident is responsible for marking the areas to be treated with signs or flags so that areas to be prepared for dust treatment are clear to the grader operator.

After dust treatment, residents are responsible for keeping the area free of chuckholes by filling them in with like materials. Louisa County will use minimum maintenance on the treated areas unless the area becomes a liability to the traveling public. After mid-October blading will be at the County’s discretion.

The use of oils or tars is not an acceptable dust abatement treatment.

Louisa County Engineer’s Office

8313 K. Avenue, Wapello, Iowa 52653

Phone: (319) 523-5271 Email: locoe@louisacomm.net