Louisa County Tax Sale

The Tax Sale is held the 3rd Monday of June of each year for all taxes that are delinquent as of that date. The delinquent tax list is published the first week of June in all official county newspapers, Wapello Republican, Morning Sun News Herald, and Columbus Gazette. The delinquent tax list is available for a fee.

The Louisa County Treasurer is responsible for the administration of the Annual Tax Sale and must offer for sale, in an open competitive bidding process (Iowa Code Chapter 446), parcels in which taxes have become delinquent. The purpose of the tax sale is to collect unpaid taxes. The annual Tax Sale will be held at the Louisa County Courthouse, Wapello, IA at 9:00 A.M. and bidders will place their bids online. Bidders need not be present at the Courthouse. Please note all bids must be placed online. If you wish to attend the sale in person, a limited number of computers will be available on a first come first serve basis. Wireless internet access will be available for bidders using their own laptop or tablet. Live bids will not be accepted. You must be 18 years of age & pre-registered to bid at Tax Sale. Contact the County Treasurer, or download forms below, for further tax sale information.


ATTENTION TAX SALE INTERESTED PARTIES: Recently enacted legislation (HF256), effective for June 2010 Tax Sale, requires “to be authorized to register to bid or to bid at tax sale or to own a tax sale certificate, a person, other than an individual, must have a federal tax ID# and either a designation of agent for service of process on file with the Secretary of State of Iowa or a verified statement meeting the requirements of chapter 547 on file with the County Recorder of the county in which the person wishes to register to bid or to bid at tax sale or of the county where the property that is the subject of the tax sale certificate is located.”.

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