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Louisa County Recorder

Iowa Land Records web site. You can inquire on documents from each county in Iowa. To see web site Click here

On this page you can find: Standard Recording Fees; Recording Requirements; Transfer Tax Calculator; and miscellaneous forms needed to record documents.

Standard Recording Fees:

Changes of Title
Affidavits of Surviving Spouse
Name Changes
Real Estate Contracts*
Assignment of Contract
Amendments of Contracts
Bill of Sale*

*These documents need to have a Declaration of Value, Ground Water Hazard Statement,
and payment of transfer tax when applicable

Fees for recording the above documents are as follows:

$ 7.00 for the first page, plus
$ 5.00 for each additional page, plus
$ 5.00 per parcel Auditor Transfer Fee

A parcel of real estate includes: for real estate outside a city’s limits, all contiguous
land lying within a number section; for real estate located within a city, all contiguous
land lying within a platted block. Within a number section, platted block or subdivision,
land separated only by a public street, alley or highway remains contiguous.

Bill of Sales
Trade Names
Articles of Incorporation
Power of Attorney
Corner Certificates
Subdivision Plat

Recording Requirements:
Documents signed on or after July 1, 2005, must meet document formatting standards pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 331.606B. A $10.00 non-standard fee will be charged for all documents that do not conform to the requirements. First page requirement include: A minimum of 3" of space is required at the top of all documents. Immediately below this space must be typed the names of all grantors and grantees; name, address, and phone number of the individual who prepared the document. Each document of conveyance (excluding mortgages and assignments and releases of mortgages) is required to have the following statement immediately below the preparer’s information: Address Tax Statement To: (Name and address of the taxpayer); a return address; and the legal description. If insufficient space exists, the page number reference for any of the information shall be noted on the first page. Documents may be printed ONLY on one side and may not be permanently bound or in continuous form. Transfer tax will be affixed to all deeds conveying real estate with a consideration of over $500. Transfer tax is based on $.80 per each $500 of value, with the first $500 being exempt. If a document is exempt from transfer tax, the exemption pursuant to Chapter 428A.2, Code of Iowa, must be stated on the face of the document. All documents must be legible and reproducible. Type should be large enough and dark enough to obtain a good copy. Do not use the legal description found on the tax statement. It is only an abbreviated description. Make sure all documents are dated, signed and sealed. Only documents with original signatures will be recorded. Mail all documents to: PO Box 264, Wapello, Iowa, 52653. To see Instrument filing Fees Click here

Iowa Real Estate Transfer Tax Calculator  
Type your numeric value in the appropriate boxes, then click anywhere outside that box or press the Tab Key for the total amount due. Do not type commas (,) or dollar signs ($) into number fields. Press TAB for result
$ Total Amount Paid
= $ Rounded Up to Nearest $500 Increment
- $ Exemption
= $ Taxable Amount
x $ Tax
Amount Due = $

You may calculate real estate transfer tax by entering the total amount paid for the property. This calculation is based on $1.60 per thousand and the first $500 is exempt.