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Louisa County

Sandi Sturgell, Auditor & Commissioner of Elections

Telephone: 319-523-3373 - - - E-mail:

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Due to the recent health concerns, the Louisa County Supervisors & Public Health have requested that County Offices Limit Public Access. If there is a service that cannot be completed by phone or through the links provided on our page. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. 319-523-3371 or Email

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

117 South Main Street

PO Box 186
Wapello, Iowa 52653-0186
FAX: 319-523-3713

Clerk: Mary Gish
Accounts Payable
Telephone: 319-523-3371

First Deputy: Selena Gerst
Payroll, Budgets, Financials
Telephone: 319-527-3376

Second Deputy: Katie Walker
Real Estate and Elections
Telephone: 319-523-3374



County Auditor's Office

The office of County Auditor was created in 1870 as part of a revamping of county government. The duties of the office covered areas that had previously been given to the County Judge in 1851 in the first Code of Iowa, and then to the Clerk of Court in 1861, with the formation of the Board of Supervisors. The State Legislature added the duties of Commissioner of Elections in the early 1970's. The County Auditor is an elected position with a term of four years.
Information provided by the Iowa State Association of County Auditors, 1995.

Duties of the Auditor's Office

Official County Plats --Maintains records of all real estate transfers in the county. The Auditor keeps plat maps and transfer books current, so the public can examine the books to determine property ownership.

Budget and Taxes --The Auditor calculates tax rates for all taxing entities, prepares the county budget and maintains financial records.

Commissioner of Elections -- The Auditor maintains all official voter registration records, prepares and supervises the printing of ballots and programming of voting machines, orders all election supplies, conducts training for precinct election officials and provides information to see that the election laws of Iowa are obeyed. After an election, the Auditor certifies the results to the state or to the political subdivision involved and issues certificates of election to the proper persons.

Secretary to the Board of Supervisors -- The Auditor prepares the agendas, notifies the media, attends all Board meetings and records Board Minutes, initiates bid notices, solicits proposals for county contracts for materials and services and receives contract proposals.

Permits --The Auditor processes cigarette licenses, beer & liquor permits for businesses in unincorporated areas. Establishments within a city's limits may apply with the city clerk.

Click here to get Alcoholic License and Permit

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Download forms, fill out and bring to the Auditor's office. Forms are also available in the office.

New-Fireworks Permit
New Federal requirements have gone into effect. When completing an application please note the statement regarding your contact with the Federal Buereas of Alcohol,
Tobacco & Firearms and that you have received a Federal Permit as required.

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To print a county fireworks permit Click here.

Print the county appplication and fill out and return to above address.